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The United States of America also known as the USA is located in Central North America between Canada and Mexico. It’s the 3rd largest country in the world consisting of 50 states and 1 Federal District Washington DC which is the Capital of USA. 2 of its states do not share any boundary with the country. The USA also has many territories in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


The capital of the USA is Washington DC which is its Federal District.

Major Cities: 

New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Boston,San Francisco and Denver.

Main Language:


Why Study in USA ?

  • USA is one of the World’s The  largest and the best education systems, with programs across all disciplines. All the qualifications awarded by the USA universities are recognized throughout the world for its academic excellence.
  • The USA offers great educational choices and research universities that are dedicated to higher education and research.
  • It is the world leader in Technology Innovation.
  • It is the home for the most prestigious IVY League universities
  • The USA is one of the top destinations for international students also for its cultural experience. Its multicultural environment helps them to build relationships with people from around the world.
  • Many universities give an option to take up internships to kickstart the student’s professional career. The internships during the college help them to gain Hands-on Experience which will further help them to gain employment post their graduation.
  • The USA offers good financial assistance and scholarships for international students

Living in USA:

Traditions & Culture:

Though the USA culture is of Western origin it is also influenced by a multicultural spirit like the Native American, African, Asian, Pacific Island, and Latin American. Over a period of time the USA has developed its own social and cultural characteristics. Due to this large scale migration of people from diverse countries to the USA, they have an ethnically and racially diverse culture.


Being one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, it has developed its distinct flavors. American cuisine is greatly influenced by Europeans and native Americans. The Hamburger and Apple Pie are the most popular. Not only can we find any food from any culture, but we also find a fusion of their culinary traditions.


the USA is one of the most friendly and safe countries with high standards of living. Universities are focused on maintaining round the clock security for their students. The USA universities are also ranked as among the best in the world for implementing effective safety measures on campus.



The American healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Most of the campuses in the USA offer general medicals facilities and also have resident doctors. The cost of on-campus medicals services is not that high. All the students need to have an approved Health Insurance during their study period in the US.



Due to its vast area, people usually travel by air within States as well as to other states. All the cities are well connected by Airplane.


Rail network was one of the most widely used once and was an important part of the nation’s transport network. All the cities and towns are well connected by rails and students are issued travel cards which come with many attractive discounts.


Busses are the most common mode of transport when traveling within the city or to the neighboring city if they have no provision for self-transport like cars. All the smaller and bigger towns are well connected by Busses. Busses are also used for intracity transport. Students can avail good discounts on their bus passes.


The USA has one of the largest metro systems in the world. At this time it can be found in 25 of the USA 50 states. The subway systems provide 24/7 service to all. This is one of the most widely used ways to transport in bigger cities like Chicago, NJ, NY, and Philadelphia.

Car :

This is one of the most common ways and the most widely used mode of transport in the US. With the large road network, traveling by car has become one of the best modes of transport with in the city as well as other places.